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Flicker free object animation in VRAYforC4D R1.2 (part 5)

We've written a quick simple tutorial to demonstrate flicker free object animation using the new Vray 1.2  renderer.  The first is a simple scene of primitives, which all move, along with a moving camera and direct light source.  Rendered with full GI and a touch of the new AO.  We've chosen to demonstrate using the irradiance and light cache method, but you can of course use the other usual GI combinations you might be used to.
The big addition to the process in the new Vray 1.2 release is the 'use camera path option'.  This is a great function that further aides in the reduction of flicker in object animation.  It's unsuitable for normal camera animation as it needs to pre-cache each individual frame into the final solution (so the usual anim precache and anim render modes are used).  Normal camera animation uses multiframe incremental precaching besides, set up correctly, camera animation is inherently flicker free anyway, so no need for it.

The project was pre-cached and rendered on a single 8 processor Mac Pro in under an hour.  (animation viewable at the bottom of this page).

The tutorial C4D file is set up ready to render the pre-cache file, and can be down loaded from here -

ZIP FILE (C4D ver:11.027)

And dont forget, our previous Vray animation tutorials can be found on the VRAYforC4D forums web site.

1)  Output tab - first change the resolution to half that of your final intended output size, and change the frame range manually to the full amount of frames in the animation.

2)  In the VrayBridge options, make sure the 'don't render final image' box is checked.  (At this stage you might also want to turn off reflections and glossies for the precache if they're not too prevalent in your scene to save more render time).  The AA and DMC tabs can be left alone too.

3)  GI.  In the GI tab you'll see the primary and secondary bouncing are set up to use irradiance map and light cache respectively. 
The irradiance map mode should first be set to 'anim prepass' and 'auto save' activated.  ie, we've used 'prepass_'   The settings are fairly nominal, but don't forget to activate the new 'use camera path' option.  Again, the light cache options are nominal.  You might decide to use a world scale size if your scene requires it; this one doesn't.  The 'use camera path' box is checked again, and the 'store direct light' box is also clicked.  This will write the light cache to the main irradiance map file during the pre-cache.  Leave it in 'single mode' option and don't activate the 'auto save' option.

Up in the 'General' area, put in the frame figures for the 'Anim Start' and 'Anim End' boxes.

4)  Hit render.  You'll see each and every frame being precached with the two GI types at half size. 

5)  Once pre-cached, go back up to the Output tab and change the resolution size to the full final render size.  Then activate the 'Save' option.  We recommend you save as a series of TIFF (or other non compressed) images.

6)  Back in the VrayBridge options,  un-check the 'don't render final image' option.  This means the AA option we've chosen will now be automatically picked up.  In the DMC sampler tab you might want to actives the 'Time defendant' option.  This will help to further reduce flicker and stop the swimming noise effect sometimes displayed.

7)  In the GI tab first change the secondary bouncing to 'none'.  The irradiance map mode now needs to be changed to 'anim render'.  Copy and paste the file name and path use used in step 3 (ie, 'prepass_') into the anim render 'load file' box, then de-activate the autosave option.  Interpolated frames are set to 2 and the interpolated samples lowered to 5.  This massively speeds up rendering.

8)  We've also chosen to add a spot of the new Vray AO.  The settings are already set, just turn it on.  Subtle AO will now be applied in the final render.

HIT RENDER!                  

Coming Soon

03. Interior coming soon!
We are currently working on the next in our series of tutorials. Check back here for future updates.

If you have any feedback or would like to see us look at a particular aspect of 3D visualisation in a future tutorial please do not hesitate to contact us.

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